Timmy Gkantis

Emergency first Response Instructor #410710,
DAN Partner #645840

I was born at 1984 at Athens Greece. I always loved Nature and especially watersports and anything that has to do with nature.

I was freediving from the age of 8. Being a skipper in Dingy sailboat racing. As I grew older, I started more hobbies like hiking on mountains, canyoning, scuba diving just to name some. I learned first aid because out in nature we needed to have some skills because we were away from Medic facilities usually. So I became a First Aid provider.

As I advanced my career with scuba diving www.coolexperience.gr I became an First Aid Instructor www.first-aid.gr and started having DAN Seminars. I am also certified in some specialties such as First Aid for kids and infants, Emergency Oxygen Instructor, First Aid special for Mountains sports. Also because I believe that wellness is a holistic approach and way of live, not only doing a hobby or watching your weight I created an eshop where you can find only natural products. www.aloeveraworld.gr.   

I love what I do and I try to continuously develop and acquire more skills through continuous education.

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/efthymiosgkantis