Giorgos Dalianis

Giorgos Dalianinis
Medium Level Canyoning instructor

My name is George Dalianis, I am the owner of a company that offers activities of canyoning, hiking and ither in Nature. I am a certified instructor Medium Level of the organization ICAN (International Centre of Adventure & Nature).

I do it professionally since 2016 and my purpose is to offer activities such as trekking, canyon crossing, river-viewing etc that raise adrenaline to heights!

Security is a priority for every kind of activity. Only then will the excursionist be able to discover the hidden beauties of Greece, to stay absolutely pleased with our activities, yet entertain every moment, and live an unforgettable experience with their friends and loved ones.

The company is also an authorized teaching center of ICAN.

Through canyoning schools the trainee discovers the magical world of the canyons and learns how to navigate safely.